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January 9, 2023
The sun is rising on a brighter future. 👓
The sun is rising on a brighter future. 👓

We did it: with VITURE One XR Glasses on their way out into the world, you'll soon experience all the things we’ve been excited to share with you for months.

But we didn’t do it alone. VITURE One was made possible by thousands of supporters on Kickstarter and many more who pre-ordered over the last half year. Even if you haven’t bought VITURE One yet, your faith and support has helped shape the future we’ve all been building together.


We recently talked about how VITURE One can solve the Steam Deck’s screen size and battery life problems, and how it’s one of the only ways that you can play split/shared-screen co-op multiplayer games on the Switch when you’re out and about.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. VITURE One is going to change the way you interact with your favorite forms of entertainment in so many ways — and many of the things we’re about to tell you about can be done right away on your phone or tablet while you wait for our Cloud-optimized Neckband!

Here’s a quick demonstration of how VITURE One XR Glasses work with devices you already have, like your iPad or Samsung phone:

While the best VITURE One experience will ultimately be with the full ecosystem — XR Glasses, Neckband, and Mobile Dock — there's still a lot you can do with the XR Glasses alone.

Consoles At Your Command

Does the shackle that’s keeping you locked to your couch ever get uncomfortable?

Let’s break it.

Console gamers (with the notable exception of the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, which have their own problems as we mentioned above) have been stuck at home for too long. After spending a couple of years cooped up, we think it’s time to change that.

Gaming in XR for the first time is an experience you won't forget.Gaming in XR for the first time is an experience you won't forget.
Gaming in XR for the first time is an experience you won't forget.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X support streaming via apps that allow you to leave your consoles at home in rest mode and play your games anywhere, anytime on your phone. But who wants to play God of War: Ragnarok on their phone? That’s where VITURE One comes in.

With VITURE One XR Glasses and either your phone or our handy Neckband accessory (coming soon), you can take your favorite AAA titles on the go without lugging around a 10lb. brick of plastic or confining award-winning epics to a tiny screen.

It’s easy: connect your controller to your phone via Bluetooth, plug in your VITURE One XR Glasses, and start playing your favorite titles via your console's mobile companion app on VITURE One's 120” HD virtual screen. With freedom to play anywhere, anytime on a stable 5G or Wi-Fi connection, the world is your oyster - err, game room.

Head In The Clouds

We find ourselves in a golden age of gaming. The level of intricacy and fidelity in today’s top titles is astounding, and the truly amazing part is that you don’t even have to own a PC or console to access all the best games on the market anymore. 

The era of gaming whenever, wherever is here.
The era of gaming whenever, wherever is here.

With services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and others (press F for Stadia) you just pay a small subscription fee to use the host’s equipment instead. In GeForce Now’s case, games are powered by RTX 3080 graphics cards and it costs only $9.99/month.

That's much better than paying $779 up front for your own card, plus the cost of the other components needed to build an elite gaming rig — not to mention the fortune you'd spend on games if you were just starting out! Suffice it to say, that’s a pretty good deal these days.

VITURE One is a great way to make the most of these with nothing more than your phone or VITURE One’s Neckband (Android-powered, Cloud-optimized, and fully compatible with both the services we mentioned above). Instead of your phone, you can game on VITURE One’s 120” display and connect your favorite mouse, keyboard, or controller via Bluetooth.

Gaming equipment has come a long way since the days of playing the original PlayStation in your parents' basement. Cloud gaming is perhaps one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to keep up with the gaming world today, and hands-down the best for someone who’s always on the go!

Play Next Episode?

Everyone has their limits and sometimes (maybe after one League match too many), you just have to kick back and just watch instead. That's right, VITURE One's not just for gamers.

Whether or not you agree that “cinema isn’t meant for the phone,” you have to admit that watching on a 6” screen lacks a certain level of presentation power. With VITURE One, you get all the convenience of the phone but the audio-visual sensations of a home cinema — and you can take it with you anywhere you go!

As easy as turning on the TV, yet so much more immersive.
As easy as turning on the TV, yet so much more immersive.

You might immediately think of glamorous scenarios like basking on the beach while you catch up on White Lotus or an improved (and private) form of in-flight entertainment the next time you take a trip to visit family across the country/world, but VITURE One is great for everyday entertainment too, like hopping into your favorite stream on your lunch break, watching a movie in bed after a hard day at work when you just don’t want to move, or as a way to enjoy the time you spend on your bus or train commute a bit more.

Just load up your favorite streaming service app on the Neckband or your phone and dive into your favorite comfort film or that award-winning series you've been putting off! It's like carrying a theater in your pocket.

VITURE One is the cinephile’s dream: the perfect way for binge-watchers and movie lovers to get that cinematic experience they crave every day (no ticket required).

VITURE One XR Glasses: the best way to enjoy all the content you know and love in a deeply immersive way.
VITURE One XR Glasses: a better way to enjoy all the content you know and love.

Some devices — we won’t name names — want to be their own platforms and force you to repurchase content from them just so you can use the device you already paid for. Not us.

Intentionally designed to seamlessly integrate with all the things you love to do on a daily basis, VITURE One is going to change the way you interact with all your favorite media: the games, movies, and streaming services you already own or pay for (you could even read on it if you wanted to).

Soon, XR will be the new go-to for any form of entertainment. Will you choose a device that wants to resell you the things you own, or one created to improve the everyday things you already do?


VITURE One XR Glasses are shipping now; we've extended preorder pricing until our backlog of Kickstarter pledges and preorders are fulfilled. Get yours now in our store!

Accessories to help you tailor your experience to your play style (like our Neckband and Mobile Dock) are available for preorder.

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