Product Highlight
SpaceWalker App Tutorial
September 20, 2023

SpaceWalker is an app made for VITURE One XR Glasses and their HDMI XR Adapter accessory. Unlock your iPhone's full potential with a fully interactive mobile XR experience!

Download the SpaceWalker app 😎

Things you need to know before you start

You may need to update your XR Glasses first. Don't forgot to download the SpaceWalker app, and learn how to connect the HDMI XR Adapter to your iPhone.

Click here to update the XR Glasses.

  • Connect your iPhone to Lightning Digital AV Adapter, then connect the HDMI XR Adapter to the Lightning Digital AV Adapter.
  • Connect the XR Glasses to the USB-C port marked with a glasses icon on the HDMI XR Adapter.
  • Open the SpaceWalker app. The HDMI XR Adapter will detect and pair with your iPhone automatically.

Your iPhone turns into an air mouse.

Getting Started

You will start at the Home screen of SpaceWalker, move your head Left & Right to view the Home screen.

View the Home screen and active windows with Head Tracking.

The Home screen includes Settings, Wallpaper, and Bookmarks.

The most recently opened window always appears in the middle of your view.

The Home screen can display 2 windows at the same time. If you open more than two windows, the windows opened before return to the dock, centered in the middle/bottom of your view.

Move the laser beam to the bottom of the screen to interact with the dock.

The toolbar is on the middle bottom of the window.

Pin Mode toggle is only available in fullscreen.

3 Mini Apps

The SpaceWalker app provides 3 mini apps for XR experience: Browser, 360 Player, and Doc Preview.

The mini app shortcuts are on the Home screen, and can also be found in the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

Browser is for web browsing just like any other browser. It has basic controls like back, forward, and refresh. It also allows you to set Bookmarks and view your browsing history.

Click the star icon to bookmark this webpage.

Click the + icon on the Bookmarks page to add favorite bookmarks to the Home screen.

360 Player is for watching VR videos on the XR Glasses. Click the folder icon to select a VR video on your phone and it will play in fullscreen.

Click the "Play the sample video" button to experience a VR 360 video.

Control playback and adjust brightness, volume, and FOV on your phone.

Doc Preview is made for viewing documentation or playing normal videos. It supports Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Click the folder icon and select a file on the phone. The documentation is read-only and cannot be edited in the SpaceWalker app.


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