Glasses Firmware Update Guide

(For Android Phones & Tablets)

June 15, 2023
This is an Android app for updating the firmware of VITURE One XR Glasses.


  1. Download the APK file below and install it on your compatible Android phone.


Check the compatibility at

  1. Open the App.
  1. Connect your VITURE One XR Glasses to your phone.
  1. Your phone will ask you to allow the App to access the USB device to recognize the firmware version of your XR Glasses.
  1. If there is an update available, tap "UPDATE NOW," then confirm "UPDATE NOW" in the pop-up window to start the update process.
  1. Your phone may ask you to allow the app to access the USB device. If so, tap "OK" to start updating MCU firmware. And do not unplug the USB connection during the update process.
  1. After finishing MCU firmware update, your mobile device will ask you to allow the app to access the USB device again. Then DP firmware update process will start.
  • If the update process is stuck at MCU 100% and the permission request does not show up in 5 seconds (as shown in the image below), try unplugging the USB connection then reconnect, or restart the App then tap “UPDATE NOW” to go on to update DP firmware.
  1. Complete.
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